Our targeted YouTube advertising helps you take the data you have available to you about your audience and leverage that data into growing your presence on Youtube.
We target the right people, not just the most people.  

We help you take the data available about your audience (from Spotify, Instagram, etc.) and locate a look-a-like audience on Youtube based on the data we have on who is most likely to be a supporter of your music.

Since Youtube is owned by Google, we design an assortment of ads for your video and run them on Youtube using the Google Ad Suite. These ads appear in between videos, as a promoted video on the sidebar, and other various places on the Youtube website.


Your targeted Youtube campaign with us, includes ad designs we are going to use to promote your video.

Next, we have to submit these designs to Google (their ad regulations and qualifications change all the time) and wait for them to approve the campaign.

The entire process of getting the ad designed, targeted, approved, and running can take up to 14 days due to Google's Ad Suite requirements. 

The Google Ad Suite charges on a per view/click basis, so what we do is run the ads until they hit a certain number of views/clicks.

This campaign does not include a consultation call.

Youtube Gold Pack

Price Options
One-time purchase
Gold Subscription
$499.50weekly/ auto-renew