This is a basic mixing service. We recommend this service to artist just starting out who are on a tight budget & want just want the very basic mixing quality. Package Includes Basic vocal clean up, EQ, Reverb, & Compression. For additional FX purchase Platinum Package.


Turnaround Time Approx 2-3 Business Days


What You Need To Send After Purchase

1. 1-5 Stems ONLY. Any more than this will require you to purchase the platinum pack or we will issue you a refund.


2. Please Name & Number Each Stem For Sending Your Files To Us.

(For Example 1. Lead Verse, 2. Adlibs, 3.Lead Hooks.) Failure to do so will result in you paying the difference for our team to do this ourselves or us issuing you a refund for wasting our time.


3. Please Send A Reference Track. Send us an idea of the direction you want to go with the track.


4. Send Artist Name, Featured Artist (If any) & Song Name.

Gold Mixing Package (1-5 Stems)