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This Campaign is designed to be a trial for musicians to see what the Soundcloud Repost Campaigns is all about

We know there are many scams in the music industry, and we know many companies promise more than they can deliver; this package is meant to be a quick test for musicians to see that we mean what we say when we say verifiable data, however the 1 Week Package is not designed to be an entire marketing plan. 


How It Works


We review your music, and if we believe the music is marketable, we will contact you via email/text to let you know we are moving forward with the campaign. Then we will we pitch it to our partnered soundcloud channels where you will reach a soundcloud audience of approx 25K-50K organic users within about 48 hours.


*** If the music is not accepted, no worries, a full refund is given.

You will earn and keep 100% of the royalties. 

We do guarantee that the streaming data you earn will be 100% verifiable in Spotify for Artists.

1 Week Soundcloud Repost Campaigns