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We are strategic consulting & digital agency. We are committed to meeting independent artist needs.





Spotify is the number one source where new music is discovered everyday. We have built relationships with thousands of curators, that have organic traffic. We than collect that data and customize an ad campaign targeting that audience in hopes to build more traffic. Our methods are proven successful and have helped artist get on Spotify's Algorithm playlist such as "Discover Weekly" "Your Daily Mix" & More. We have help artist get on Editorial Placements as New from NYC: Hip Hop


Soundcloud is thus far one of the best tools to use in order to build artists fanbase. Soundcloud is a combo between a DSP and social platform for artist. With this in mind, we use repost campaigns in order to get your music on a variety of soundcloud users channels. We manage your soundcloud account for the duration of your campaign studying your analytics. We also collect that data and target a that audience via ad campaigns.




Facebook & Youtube are the leading source to where music videos are not only discovered but go viral. We promote your music video on these sources using facebook and google ad campaigns. We also pitch you to popular youtube channels & facebook groups. From the data we collect we track down users that engaged with your video. We do our best to collect their information so you can add them to your fan list.



Music Apps


1000Streams1000Times was founded in 2018 by New York, hip hop artist turned marketer, Warren Freeman. Warren's mission is to build independent artists into entrepreneurs while growing their online presence.

1000Streams1000Times partners with musicians at all levels and assists them in getting more business opportunities by utilizing data-driven music marketing, while also educating artists. 1000Streams1000times has partnered with dozens of independent playlist curators, Soundcloud Channels, Youtube Channels and more. We assist artist in gaining leverage by building an organic audience, gather unique data and demographics, form a target audience of similar fans to market to on social media, and capitalize on business opportunities by leveraging the metrics and data they receive for the artist. 1000Streams1000times helps artists in any stage of their career–whether they are releasing their very first single, or trying to negotiate a sought-after record deal.